Who we are

An obstacle by definition is not a problem per se, it is something that obstructs or hinders progress. There are obstacles in life that we each must plan for and navigate, such as the death of a relative, dealing with property, our own aging, complex business and personal relationships to name a few.

We are the approachable, people focused professionals equipped to assist you to plan for and navigate the legal obstacles in your life.

Yanner Mann Dobson Law is a contemporary law firm based in regional Victoria. Whilst our bricks and mortar based business is in Ballarat, we seek to have a rural reach to clients via technology, to ensure timely access to quality legal services without the need to travel. Knowing who we are and where we are located, clients have confidence engaging with us in innovative ways.

Our most recent ownership chapter began in January 2016 when Georgia Yanner took over the reigns from Phillip Mann of Mann Dobson Lawyers. This firm was formed when Phillip merged his practice with that of Dobson Lawyers in 2005 shortly before the passing of the well respected Robert Dobson. We maintain the Dobson name due to our strong loyal Dobson client base.