Starting Out

So you’ve successfully graduated to adulthood. You can drive a car, drink alcohol and vote. You have the world at your feet and now it’s time to get out there and explore.

Young adults tend to think that lawyers are for “proper adults” who own houses, have full time jobs and children. However, in the eyes of the law you are a proper adult. At 18 you are sui juris, you have legal capacity and possess full social and civil rights.

As a young adult you don’t think you will die or become unable to manage your own affairs.  After all why would you think about these things, you’ve not long become entitled to manage your own affairs!

However, experience has shown that unexpected things happen and it’s better to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  This is where a Will comes in handy, see Why do I need a Will.

Simply from a practical point of view, you may be travelling and need someone at home to be able to sign things or carry out tasks on your behalf that you would usually be legally required to do yourself.  As much as technology has enabled us to communicate via video or send documents electronically, not everything is quite at a point where electronically signed documents are accepted or it may be necessary for something to be carried out in person.  This is where a Power of Attorney come in handy, see Why do I need a Power of Attorney.