When you start to build a nest, this is when life starts to get really interesting.  This is the obvious stage of life where people seriously consider their legal needs and what they need to put in place to plan for and navigate the legal obstacles that may arise such as…

  • buying or selling a home
  • buying land to build a home
  • new additions to your family, planning for their care and well-being if something happened to you
  • starting a business

The excitement and enthusiasm about these milestones in your life, should be supported by sound and practical legal guidance and advice, which is our specialty!

It is always a good time to consider making a Will and Power Of Attorney, but even more so when you own real estate, have children or run a business.  Experience has shown that unexpected things happen and it’s better to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

If you have previously made a will or power of attorney, when you have children or make a significant investment or marry it is an appropriate time to review these documents.  It is important to note that marriage voids a Will, meaning that it becomes of no legal effect. Therefore if you have married since making your first will, then you need to consider making another.